We are an independent video game developer.

Launched in 2010 by Kris Krej, Empyrean specialises in development and publishing of indie PC and VR games for digital download.

In may 2013 announced that we earned a place place among the top 1000 freelancers in the world.

Since then we are creating games with our investors, clients and our own games as well.

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Kris Krej,


According statistics, one of the top 1,000 freelancers in the world.

Game developer with more than 10 years of commercial experience.

Since 2010 owner of Empyrean game production studio.


Rafał Kańka,
Senior Game Developer


Programmer by trade. Huge fan of fantasy games and literature, especially Tolkien. In his free time he writes a fantasy novel, subcreates a world for it, plays video games, pen-and-paper RPGs, LARPs, tries to learn or play with new programming languages, game design, 3D modelling, digital painting, animating, musical instruments, acting, and dozens of other things he may never find time to get any good at.

Mateusz Jeleń,
Game Engineer


After 2 years of experiance in QT, he aimed his interest to Unity. He has 10 years of freelancer experiance as Hardware Specialist. Hardcore Gamer over the last 12 years. Buff of good cinema, theaters, card games and gameboards (big chess lover). Keen sport fan and observet. Apart from this, math and politics are also his hobbies.

Bartosz Stoliński,
Game Developer & UI Expert


Not feeling that the path of an audio engineer is for him, he went for the game development, starting with hybrid (mobile+board) games and augmented reality apps. Dedicated MMO raider and Whovian, playing guitar and mixing music in free time.

Patryk Czajka,
Game Developer

Czajka 45x65

Aside from game developing, he studies biomedical engineering. Working at Empyrean allowed him to take up a career in game industry and to pursue his lifelong passion for gaming and problem solving. He spends what little time he has left – you probably guessed it – playing online games. He’s also a huge fan of Japanese culture, anime and the language itself.

Dominik Bujny,
2D and 3D Graphic designer


Graphic designer by vocation, specializes in 2D art as well as in 3D modeling, texturing rigging etc. Currently involved in 3D Mapping project for Cracow’s University of Technology.  Man of many hobbies and even more interests, smithing, skiing, playing video games, sci-fi, fantasy and many, many more. Loves abstract ideas, good book, weird hats and is heavily addicted to tea.

Kacper Hadro,
Game Developer

Kacper Hadro

Veteran of jRPGs, especially Final Fantasy games, that made him notice video game soundtracks. Fan of fantasy literature, astronomy and absurd humour. Needs minimum 8 hours of sleep a day to at least pretend to be alive. Which does not prevent him from playing games at night – levels are not going to raise themselves.

Jonasz Dygoń,
Game Developer

Jonasz Dygoń

Passionate with computer games, from early years of childhood, now as programmer wanna use player experience to create entertainment for others. He used to take apart with great joy in e-sport tournaments. Also loves movement and sports, especially snowboarding and street workout.

Maciej Knot,
Marketing Manager


Always with head in the clouds, individualist and idealist, classical music enthusiast. Have primary issues with auto-criticism. The man of the opposites – ambitious and lazy, trustworthy and unpredictable. Oh.. It should be about „me” ? Jester.